Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from Visitors. Hope you find the answer to your Questions here.

Q. What is NairaGoldCoin?
A. Nairagoldcoin also called NGC is the first Digital currency developed by Nigerians and exchangeable at launch.

Q.How does NairaGoldCoin operate?
A. Nairagoldcoin also called NGC is the first Digital currency developed by Nigerian and is exchangeable at launch. NGC supports all major currencies in the world which gives room for everyone anywhere in the world to transact..

Q.How do investors make profit with NGC? ?
A. The value of NGC Appreciates according to its value in the market Hence, when an investor have some units of NGC in their wallet the worth will also appreciate, though NGC tend to depreciate as well but the prediction of appreciation is far higher as Digital Currency always appreciate in Value..

Q.How do I purchase NGC units?
A.Firstly, you must register at nairagoldcoin.com/register to get a wallet associated with a wallet ID, after that you can click on buy and sell to see the list of accredited dealers around the globe and purchase from dealers in your country with your local currency or using BTC.

Q.For how long can i keep my NairaGoldCoin Units?
A. You can keep your NGC units till whenever you want since NGC Is your Digital bank maybe for weeks, Months or years. No matter how long your money keeps appreciating.

Q.How can I sell/buy NairaGoldCoin? ?
A. There are many ways to buy or sell your unit, this is what we mean when we say NGC is exchangeable at launch to buy NGC you can buy from a friend our Escrow will secure your transactions, or from a dealer, you can as well sell it to anyone who needs to buy or use it to pay for goods purchased or sell to a dealer at the current rate as at the moment you want to sell don’t you think that is easy?.

Q.Who is eligible to Join NairaGoldcoin?
A. You must be an adult older than 18 years of age to join NGC. Equal benefits to all and sundry

Q.Buying NairaGoldCoin from wholesaler
A. • Login to your account • Click on Buy/sell NairaGoldCoin • You will be redirected to the page which you will see available wholesalers. • Call any one of them from your country • Provide your SWID and state the Unit of NairaGoldCoin you want, you will be asked to pay into their account. • After payment, call the wholesaler to fund your wallet and your NairaGoldCoin will be funded within few minutes.

Q.How much do NairaGoldCoin charge for direct sales of NairaGoldCoin?br> A.If you are selling your NairaGoldCoin to us, we will charge you from 7% of the total amount of your NairaGoldCoin.

Q. How many NairaGoldCoin can i transfer to another member?
A.You can transfer any amount to any member it’s your money transfer to whosoever you want.

Q.How can I be an accredited wholesaler of NairaGoldCoin and what is my commission?
A. You can be an accredited wholesaler of NairaGoldCoin and start earning 10% on each NairaGoldCoin you sell and buy from investors at your own charges below 7%. All you have to do is to email us at wholesaler@NairaGoldCoin for more informations.

Q.Is NairaGoldCoin risky?
A. Your Investment with NGC is insured thus your funds is always safe in your wallet .

Q.What is the minimum/maximum amount of NairaGoldCoin I can buy?
A. The minimum is 0.01, there’s no maximum, but if your balance is above 200NGC you will be called upon for physical verification.